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How do I know if I qualify for High Speed Internet service?

Contact Lumos Networks Broadband Sales and Services and provide your name, physical address, and telephone number.

How do I setup my Internet email account on High Speed Internet?

When you contact Lumos Networks Broadband Sales and Services for High Speed Internet service, the representative can set up email accounts, usernames and passwords for you. You may also contact general Customer Service to make any changes to or add new email accounts.

How can I upgrade the speed of my High Speed Internet service?

Contact Lumos Networks Broadband Sales and Services

Do you supply the High Speed Internet modem?

Lumos Networks supplies a High Speed Internet modem at no additional charge during your period of service. In the event a modem experiences any issues, a replacement modem will be shipped to you free of charge. If you terminate your Lumos Networks High Speed Internet service, you must return the modem, or charges will be billed to your account.

Can I provide my own High Speed Internet modem?

No. Lumos Networks only supports the modems that are supplied as a part of the Lumos Networks High Speed Internet service.

How do I install my High Speed Internet modem?

When the modem is delivered to you, a complete set of instructions is included.

Can I set up a network for my High Speed Internet connection?

Yes, you can set up a network connection for your High Speed Internet. Lumos Networks Home Solutions offers an Lumos Networks supported wireless/wired router and wireless devices for your PC or laptop when needed. Click Home Solutions for more details.

What can I do if my High Speed Internet service appears to be down?

Contact Lumos Networks Internet and Broadband Technical Support

How can I address a security issue with my High Speed Internet service?

Lumos Networks High Speed Internet service does not include a firewall or other security protection. Security is the responsibility of the customer. Companies who provide Local Area Network (LAN) Services often have a variety of security solutions available for a fee.

Can I access my High Speed Internet email account(s) via dial-up?

Your email account is accessible from any Internet enabled computer via this website on our Lumos Networks.net Email page. If you do not have access to another Internet enabled computer while away from your High Speed Internet enabled computer, you may want to purchase an additional dial-up account from Lumos Networks at an additional charge. Contact Lumos Networks general Customer Service for details.

Computer Security & the Internet

The great thing about High Speed Internet is that it’s a big pipe to the Internet … the computer security challenge with High Speed Internet is the fact that it’s a big pipe to the Internet! Regardless of how you connect to the Internet, there are potential security challenges that should be addressed. Click on details for more information …

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