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New Construction

Internet built for the future

Why choose fiber?
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Why Lumos 100% Fiber Internet?
Glad you asked.

First of all, Lumos 100% Fiber Internet has the fastest uploads, fastest downloads, fastest internet, period. Say goodbye to lagging, buffering, glitching, and say hello to a digital life that’s almost never interrupted.

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Built for speed

Upload and download at the speed of light and make buffering, lagging and freezing a thing of the past.

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Built for multiple devices

Consistently fast connections for everyone, in every room, on every device, all at the same time

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Built for unlimited data

We’ll never cap your data or throttle your speeds, unlike cable.

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Built for the best Wi-Fi experience

Enjoy whole-home coverage so you can work, stream and share from any room.

Here’s what to expect
during construction

While we can’t predict everything the future holds, we can tell you what to expect when it comes to Lumos 100% Fiber Optic Internet.

As we build our network, we are committed to keeping you informed during our construction process. We’ll let you know who those people are in your yard, what those flags mean, when we’re going to start restoration, and, most importantly, when you can schedule installation of Lumos 100% Fiber Internet in your home.

  • Evaluation
  • Design & Utilities
  • Construction
  • Fiber Network
  • Installation

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Why switch?

Lumos 100% Fiber Internet was designed to deliver internet. Your phone lines and cable were designed to deliver voice and television. That’s not good enough (or fast enough) anymore.

With Lumos, our upload speeds are the same as our download speeds. So whether you’re video conferencing at work, getting a virtual checkup, backing up vacation memories to the cloud or multiplayer gaming, you’ll never slow down.

It’s the last internet upgrade you’ll ever need.

Construction FAQs

We always assume that there may be private utilities located underground and take precautionary steps. If you’re concerned, please contact us by emailing and let us know.

Of course! Please have no worries there. Once our construction team has completed the work, we will restore your lawn as quickly as weather permits.

To avoid other utilities, the Lumos team drills approximately 36 inches below the surface using a surface-launched drilling rig. This method is trenchless and has minimal impact.

The Lumos team selects the least intrusive intersecting point for pedestal locations.

Lumos is permitted to access designated utility easements or the right-of-way (ROW). The ROW is usually a strip of land running along the street, sidewalk, a rear lot line, or between two lots. While most homeowners maintain these ROW areas themselves, the City or Department of Transportation has access to a portion of your property and can grant Lumos access to it as well.

To protect against damage during our construction process, utility companies will come by and mark where any existing public utility lines currently exist in the right-of-way through your yard. Rest assured, our construction crews will remove the flags once the network is complete.

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