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Internet built
for the future.

Introducing Lumos 100% Fiber Optic Internet built from the ground up.

Our greatest deal
on Lumos 100% Fiber Optic Internet.

Get Fiber Internet for less!

Switch to Lumos for only

$ 29 . 99 /mo

and get 100 x 100 Mbps Fiber Internet + Free Install

Can I get Lumos Fiber Internet service in my neighborhood?

(Example: 123 Main Street, High Point, NC 27263)

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How much speed do you need?

200 Mbps

upload speed

200 Mbps

download speed


  • 5+ devices
  • Light streaming
  • Listening to music
  • Social sharing
  • Video calling

500 Mbps

upload speed

500 Mbps

download speed


+ FREE Installation

  • 10+ devices
  • HD streaming
  • Social sharing
  • Casual gaming
  • Video calling
  • Equally fast upload/download speeds

1000 Mbps

upload speed

1000 Mbps

download speed


for 12 months**

$20 off your monthly bill
+ FREE Installation

  • 15+ devices
  • HD & 4K streaming
  • Remote working and learning
  • Multiplayer gaming
  • Fiber fast cloud backup
  • Equally fast upload/download speeds

Want to go even faster? Introducing 2 and 5 Gig Fiber Internet.

With equally fast download and upload speeds, our 2 and 5 Gig plans are built for even the heaviest of internet users. Perfect for creative professionals, pro gamers, remote workers transferring large amounts of data and high-tech households with tons of connected devices – these speeds can handle it all.

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Fastest Uploads. Fastest Downloads. Fastest Internet, Period.
This is Lumos Fiber Internet.

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Built for multiple devices

Consistently fast connections for everyone, in every room, on every device, all at the same time.

Icon: up and down arrows

Built for speed

Upload and download at the speed of light and make buffering, lagging and freezing a thing of the past.

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Built for unlimited data

We’ll never cap your data or throttle your speeds, like cable.

Fiber Internet for home

Icon: Wi-fi symbol

Total Home Mesh Wi-Fi 6

Now all that incredible speed from your 100% Fiber Optic Internet is available wall-to-wall, thanks to our Total Home Mesh Wi-Fi 6. On all of your devices at the same time, all the time. With no dead zones.

icon: Television with remote

Fiber TV

Lumos Fiber TV lets you watch up to 250+ channels on any device with our personalized packages. And Cloud DVR with record lets you restart, replay, pause and rewind live shows. It’s TV you can connect to anytime, anywhere.

Icon: Speech bubble

Fiber Voice

Lumos Fiber Voice lets you have the reliability of a landline and a crystal clear Fiber connection so you never have to worry about dropped calls. And hear this – unlimited long distance in the continental United States.

Fiber Internet for business

Icon: Globe with mouse pointer

Built for small businesses that want to make big impact. Get the business bandwidth you need with our fastest upload and download speeds, a reliable and secure Fiber connection, and 24/7 local support you can count on.

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Keep customers engaged with Lumos Business TV that’s made for businesses with common viewing areas.

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Choose reliable Lumos Business Voice services for crystal clear Fiber connection with customers, dedicated phone lines for credit card processing, convenient calling features and more.

Icon: Buildings

Fiber for Multi
Dwelling Units (MDU)

Attract and retain tenants with Lumos Fiber service for MDU service that includes Fiber Internet & Wi-Fi TV and Voice.

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