U.S. Broadband Summit, November 15-17, 2023, Washington, DC, Panel: Fiber for all - Challenges in Deployment, Fiber Economics and The Last Mile presented by Derek Kelly, Lumos Fiber
VP of Market Development, Derek Kelly, will speak in the Nov. 16 panel “Fiber for all – Challenges in Deployment, Fiber Economics & the Last Mile.” 

HIGH POINT, N.C. — Lumos, a leading 100% Fiber Optic Internet and Total Home Wi-Fi service provider in the Mid-Atlantic, is sponsoring the Fierce Telecom 2023 U.S. Broadband Summit in Washington D.C., Nov. 15-17, 2023. Lumos’ VP of Market Development, Derek Kelly, will speak in the Nov. 16 panel “Fiber for all – Challenges in Deployment, Fiber Economics & the Last Mile.”

The inaugural U.S. Broadband Summit brings together federal leaders and state representatives nationwide to address the need for connectivity in underserved communities and what it means for future development. The summit provides Lumos and other attendees an opportunity to gain insights from telecom industry thought leaders on how best to reach communities with limited internet access. Lumos is also a finalist for “Regional Operator of the Year” in the U.S. Broadband Awards, which coincides with the U.S. Broadband Summit.

“Lumos is excited to be a part of the event and to collaborate with industry peers on topics that will shape digital infrastructure, policy and programs for years to come,” said Lumos VP of Market Development Derek Kelly. “For our upcoming panel, I look forward to discussing how we think about  building fiber to the home, particularly in underserved and unserved communities, which will be a critical driver in efforts to close the digital divide. We are proud of Lumos’s work in the Mid-Atlantic and will continue to do in the coming years as we serve one million new homes by 2026.”

“We’re excited to bring the broadband community together to better the future of broadband,” said Alejandro Piñero, Head of Content, Fierce Technology Group at Questex. “As attention focuses on bridging the growing digital divide, and the need to bring connectivity to the under- and un-served, the industry must come together to address the challenge. Our partners, including Lumos, will discuss how collaboration will lead to a more connected and vibrant society, in benefit of individuals and communities.”

 So far in 2023, Lumos has expanded into seven counties and announced investments of nearly $360 million into growing communities across the Mid-Atlantic. As Lumos’ footprint continues to broaden, it stays true to its mission to invest in local communities as a premier corporate citizen.

In today’s digitally dependent society, internet access is no longer a luxury but a necessity for success. Lumos is working steadily to bridge the digital divide and establish the fiber internet infrastructure that communities need for the future. With unlimited bandwidth and lightning-fast upload and download speeds, Lumos’ 100% Fiber-Optic Internet is the key to economic development and opportunity that outfits its communities for success.

About Lumos: Lumos provides 100% Fiber Optic Internet, whole-Home Wi-Fi, voice, and streaming services, to more than 275,000 homes and businesses across North Carolina, Virginia and, recently announced, South Carolina footprint.  We believe that the possibilities of tomorrow cannot be built on the infrastructure of yesterday. That’s why we’re building a 100% Fiber Optic network from the ground up for families, small businesses, and communities, backed by local, expert customer service. An Internet built for that most hopeful of all things – the future. Because whatever the future holds, we make it faster. Learn more at www.LumosFiber.com.

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