$83M Investment Will Build Internet for the Future for Over 85,000 Residents

Waynesboro, Virginia. (September 27, 2022)—Lumos has received franchise approvals from the cities of Chesapeake, Portsmouth and Virginia Beach, which will allow the company to build nearly 900 miles of the latest fiber optic technology featuring Gig speed capacity while reaching more than 85,000 residents and small businesses. In addition, Lumos will generate jobs in the region with its plan to hire local sales, service and support teams.

Lumos has a mission to deliver uninterrupted, accessible, 100% Fiber Optic Internet that both handles today’s internet needs and anticipates tomorrow’s. This new expansion highlights the company’s rapid regional development and growth ambition.

Only fiber internet enables symmetrical speeds, essential for today’s applications, including video conferencing, telemedicine, cloud computing and multiplayer gaming. Lumos Fiber is built for the future, using the best technology available – with speed tiers of up to 2 Gbps, equating to 154 times faster uploads and 12 times faster downloads than traditional cable.

“We are thrilled to bring new fiber infrastructure to the Hampton Roads,” said Lumos CEO Brian Stading. “The infrastructure of yesterday can’t unlock the possibilities of tomorrow, and Lumos is building for the next 50 years, not the last 50. This expansion highlights our commitment to bringing competitive choice and the best technology available to these communities, creating a connection to the future.”

Lumos has also recently unveiled a zero monthly cost 100 Mbps x 100 Mbps fiber internet plan for residents who qualify for the federal Affordable Connectivity Program.

“The pandemic demonstrated the need for universal, reliable, high-speed connectivity – for telehealth, for education, for business operations and for telework,” said Virginia Beach City Manager Patrick Duhaney. “Lumos’ expansion into the city advances our long-term strategic vision for cultivating a robust data infrastructure, and we’re happy to welcome them to our business community.”

“Broadband is no longer a luxury item; it’s an essential need for everyday living,” said Shannon E. Glover, mayor of the city of Portsmouth. “During the last two years, we have learned just how essential this kind of connectivity is and will continue to be for the future. High-speed internet is vital for improving educational success for children, for public health and for public safety, to grow small businesses and for our residents who may need to work remotely. Improving access to high-speed internet to all areas of the city is a top priority for the Portsmouth City Council.”

Lumos will fully fund the $83M project, and engineering work has already begun. Construction will start in 2023, and the company estimates that most of the project will be completed in approximately two years, including in the Chesapeake and Portsmouth areas. 

Residents will receive communication by mail when construction begins, and they can sign up for email updates at LumosFiber.com.

About Lumos:

Lumos provides 100% Fiber Optic Internet, Total Home Wi-Fi, voice, and streaming services, to nearly 200,000 homes and businesses across North Carolina and Virginia. We believe that the possibilities of tomorrow cannot be built on the infrastructure of yesterday. That’s why we’re building a 100% Fiber Optic network from the ground up for families, small businesses, and communities, backed by local, expert customer service. An Internet built for that most hopeful of all things – the future. Because whatever the future holds, we make it faster. Learn more at www.LumosFiber.com