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Lumos Total Home Wi-Fi

Wall-to-wall Wi-Fi.

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Next generation Wi-Fi

Turn your home into a Wi-Fi powerhouse. With your new premium router and intelligent mesh technology, you get seamless, super-fast internet access across all devices, no matter how many people are online. Our dual-band Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) and tri-band 6E offer the most advanced Wi-Fi bandwidth for multi-gig speeds.

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The future at your fingertips

The intuitive Lumos Wi-Fi App gives you more control over your Wi-Fi network. We’ve made it ridiculously simple to customize settings across all connected devices and applications in every room for every member of your family. Download it wherever you get your apps.

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Peace of mind all the time

As hackers and malware have become more sophisticated, so have we. Lumos makes it easy to secure your home network and protect your online activity with Internet Security powered by ProtectIQ®. If it’s connected, it’s protected.

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24/7 support

Enjoy a worry-free experience with Wi-Fi that is professionally installed, supported, and managed by Lumos. If you have a question or problem, we offer 24/7 remote support from local Lumos experts and right in the Lumos Wi-Fi mobile app. You’re never without help.

Wi-Fi equipment for every need.


With a wired connection, you need an ethernet cord to connect your device directly to the internet. With a wireless connection (Wi-Fi), you can connect to the internet without cables.

A router is a device that provides Wi-Fi and is typically connected to a modem. It sends information from the internet to your devices, like computers, phones, and tablets. These internet-connected devices in your home make up your Local Area Network (LAN).

A wireless router is a device that allows your wireless-capable devices to connect to the internet. With a traditional router, your devices must rely on a single point of access (the router). With a mesh network, you get multiple points of access (depending on your home size) to ensure full coverage of your home. With a wireless router, you don’t have to worry about the size of the antennas or walls blocking the signal.

A Wi-Fi Extender is a device that repeats the wireless signal from your router to expand its coverage. It functions as a bridge, capturing the Wi-Fi from your router and rebroadcasting it to areas where the Wi-Fi is weak or nonexistent, improving the performance of your home Wi-Fi.

Unlike a traditional router that only broadcasts a signal from one point, with a wireless mesh network, the signal is broadcast from multiple access points that link together seamlessly throughout your home.

The resulting network provides your home with wall-to-wall coverage, eliminating dead zones and weak spots so that you can have a consistent connection to the internet on all your devices in any room. During installation, the technician will customize a solution for your home and recommend additional access points if needed to get whole-home coverage.

While wired internet is generally faster, it’s not always possible or practical to plug in many devices (think of how many cables you would need). Besides, even if you could plug them in, some devices simply can’t go as fast as your internet can go.

Wi-Fi 6 (otherwise known as 802.11ax) is a newer generation of Wi-Fi that eliminates the issues that come with connecting multiple devices to the same network. This technology delivers faster speeds, better battery life and less bandwidth congestion than older technologies. This means your devices are more likely to maintain fast speeds, even on busy networks. Our Mesh Wi-Fi 6 router brings these technologies together so you can get online without interruptions or slowdowns.

Wi-Fi 6E is an expanded standard of Wi-Fi 6, using a new, higher-bandwidth 6 GHz radio frequency band. This expansion delivers more capacity, faster speed, and less traffic than previous versions, ideal for intense bandwidth home and work activities.

1. Prepaid Mastercard: Eligible orders may receive virtual $200 Prepaid Mastercard. Virtual card is issued by Pathward®, N.A., Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Mastercard U.S.A. Inc. No cash access or recurring payments. Can be used where Debit Mastercard is accepted online, for phone/mail orders, or in stores that accept mobile wallet. Customers will be eligible to redeem the gift card 90 days after installation and must redeem it within 60 days of redemption eligibility.  Once redeemed, the gift card will expire 180 days from the date of redemption, after which unused funds will be forfeited. Terms and conditions apply. Customer must be current on their bill and in good standing.

2. 100% Fiber Optic network not available in all areas. Internet speeds are up to the maximum advertised upload and download speed available based on a wired connection. Wired and wireless speeds may vary by location and are not guaranteed.

3. Free installation is available on select tiers and will vary by market.

4. Promotional Fiber Internet rates are for the first 12 months of service only. Taxes, fees, and surcharges are extra and subject to change at any time. Promotional rates require purchase of listed services as described. Then-current standard rates apply after the 12th month. Limited-time offer; subject to change or end without notice. Offer not valid with any other offer or promotion. Offer is only available to new residential accounts in Lumos markets where fiber is available. Downgrades from existing plans with Lumos will not qualify for discounts. Services are subject to all applicable service terms and conditions found at, subject to change at any time. Equipment and additional services are extra. Service not available in all areas. Restrictions apply. All rights reserved.

5. One month of free service eligible on 1 Gig and 2 Gig fiber internet orders only. Credit will be applied within first four billing cycles. Regular rates apply outside of the one-month discount.

6. One month of free Lumos TV Viewer’s Package eligible on plans of 500 Mbps and 1 Gig. Offer available in select markets only. Restrictions apply. Regular rates apply outside of the one-month discount. Taxes and fees extra. The total discount amount applied is equal to the monthly charge for Lumos TV Viewers Package at $100.00, plus the broadcast service charge of up to $35.50.

7. Three months of Enhanced Parental Controls powered by ExperienceIQ® service included on eligible orders of 1 – 8 Gig fiber internet orders only. Offer available in select markets only. Regular rates apply after the three months.

8. Free Total Home Wi-Fi included on orders of 2 Gig – 8 Gig. Additional extenders may be needed for complete coverage.


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