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Internet built for the future.

Consistently fast connections. For everyone in the family. In every room.
On every device.

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How much speed do you need?

200 Mbps

upload and download speed


  • 5+ devices
  • Light streaming
  • Listening to music
  • Social sharing
  • Video calling

500 Mbps

upload and download speed

Get your first month FREE


+ FREE Installation

  • 10+ devices
  • HD streaming
  • Social sharing
  • Video calling
  • Casual gaming

1 Gig

upload and download speed

Get your first month FREE


for 12 months*

$20 off your monthly bill | + FREE Installation

  • 15+ devices
  • HD & 4K streaming
  • Remote working and learning
  • Multiplayer gaming
  • Fiber fast cloud backup

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Want to go even faster? Introducing 2 and 5 Gig Fiber Internet.

With equally fast download and upload speeds, our 2 and 5 Gig plans are built for even the heaviest of internet users. Perfect for creative professionals, pro gamers, remote workers transferring large amounts of data and high-tech households with tons of connected devices – these speeds can handle it all.

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Can I get Lumos Internet in my neighborhood?

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Fastest uploads. Fastest downloads.
Fastest Internet, period.

Playing a Virtual Reality game.

Faster uploads

Uploading is how fast you can share online. These days, people do a lot of it! Whether it’s a video conference at work or a video chat with grandma. Whether you’re getting a virtual checkup, backing up vacation memories to the cloud, or multiplayer gaming. With Lumos Fiber Internet, you can upload waaay faster – up to 77x faster than cable. It’s everyone online, all at the same time.

Family using fiber internet.

Faster downloads

Downloading is how fast you get stuff from the Internet. Think streaming music and downloading movies – only, much quicker than you’re used to. With Lumos Fiber Internet, there’s no lagging, no buffering, no freezing, and best of all no complaining. (Okay, that last one we can’t promise.)

Wall-to-wall coverage

With Lumos Fiber Internet and Total Home Mesh Wi-Fi 6, your whole-home wifi coverage delivers a steady strong connection for all your devices. Say hello to wall-to-wall coverage. And goodbye to slow downs and dead zones.

No limits. No caps. No kidding.

Finally have enough bandwidth for your whole home and everyone in it. No limits and no caps on your data. Just the fastest upload and download speeds of up to 2000 megabytes. It’s the last Internet upgrade you’ll ever need.

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