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Fiber Internet Installation Services

Stress-free fiber internet installation that’s as fast as our network.

What to expect during installation.

If Lumos is available in your neighborhood, all you have to do is schedule your fiber installation. Learn how 100% Fiber Optic Internet2 is installed, step by step.

  • Outdoor Installation
  • In-Home Installation
  • Burying Your Line

What’s so special about fiber internet?

fast download and upload icon

Faster Speeds

Upload speeds are as fast as download speeds, so you can do more, nonstop.

Improved Reliability

Reliable connections 99.9% of the time for wall-to-wall Wi-Fi coverage.

Enhanced Network Performance

More bandwidth means more devices connected all at once—no slowdowns.

Lower Latency and Ping

Every move made is at the speed of light for real-time online experiences.

"The technician was very professional, yet friendly. Explained everything very well and cleaned up afterwards. Very nicely done."

Lynchburg, VA

"The installation was fast and I finally have fast and reliable internet for a reasonable price."

Durham, NC

"We love the speed, affordability and simplicity."

High Point, NC

"Works great. No issues with multiple devices hooked up via wifi."

Greensboro, NC

Our customers love the work we do.

 Your installation questions, answered.

Fiber internet installation requires professionals with the right tools and expertise to get your home connected quickly and without hassle. With Lumos technicians on the job, you can just sit back, relax and look forward to enjoying the lightning-fast speeds of your new fiber internet network.

Unlike cable internet, which taps into existing electrical cable lines in your area, installing fiber internet typically involves laying new fiber optic cables and setting up specialized equipment. This could mean additional work upfront, especially if fiber infrastructure isn’t already in place. Lumos takes care of everything from start to finish so you can enjoy your new fiber internet connection without delay.

We’re building our fiber network as fast as we can. Use our availability checker to see if Lumos Fiber Internet is available in your neighborhood. Don’t worry if we’re not there yet—we’re continually expanding our networks across the Carolinas and Virginia.

The cost of fiber internet installation can vary depending on your specific plan and provider. While there is typically an installation fee for the technician’s service and new equipment, some internet service providers offer free installation as part of your fiber plan. Be sure to ask your Lumos representative about special offers available.

Fiber internet installation requires specialized equipment to deliver high-speed internet connectivity. Key components include:

  • Fiber optic cables: Cables that send signals using light pulses.
  • Optical network terminals (ONTs): The device that connects your home to the internet.
  • Fiber internet router: Your router must be able to handle fiber internet’s fast speeds. Lumos Total Home Wi-Fi uses equipment that ensures optimal performance for both your home network and Lumos Fiber Internet connection. If you use a different router, our ability to support your Wi-Fi experience may be limited.