Traditional landline phones use copper wires to transmit audio rather than fiber-optic cables. With the emergence of this fiber-optic technology, you can get more reliable phone service through the power of fiber internet.

Lumos Fiber Voice lets you have the reliability of a landline with a crystal-clear fiber connection, so you never have to worry about dropped calls. See how homes and businesses alike can benefit from Fiber Voice, Lumos’ Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone service.

How Does a Traditional Landline Service Work?

A landline phone uses a network of wires to connect two people. When you pick up the phone, the call is connected through a physical infrastructure. Compared to mobile phones, landlines are more stable and reliable since they’re connected to a physical address.

Landlines can be expensive to purchase, install and maintain. Since these calls are routed through the public switched telephone network (PSTN), they’re also prone to spam calls, eavesdropping and interception.

How Does Lumos Fiber Voice Work?

Lumos Fiber Voice allows you to make phone calls over fast fiber internet rather than through a traditional landline phone system. Instead of a “hard-wired” phone that uses copper wires to provide telephone service, a VoIP phone gives you greater clarity and connectivity.

Lumos offers two types of VoIP phone service: wired phones for your home or business and business softphones. Wired phones, or hard phones, are physical phones, whereas softphones are used through apps on a computer or mobile device to accept and make company calls.

Benefits of Lumos Fiber Voice

With Lumos Fiber Voice, you can make high-quality voice calls with crystal-clear sound. Many convenient features, such as voicemail, call forwarding, call blocking, caller ID and speed dial, are included. Plus, even if the power goes out, Lumos Fiber Voice will continue working with our optional 8-hour or 24-hour battery backup.

Small businesses can also benefit from Fiber Voice services thanks to enhanced credit card processing and alarm security features. Dropped calls are a thing of the past, and you gain access to unlimited phone service and long-distance calls to anywhere in the continental United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Guam and Saipan.

Differences Between Lumos Fiber Voice and Landline

Internet calls are of higher quality, faster and more reliable. VoIP services are also cheaper than traditional landlines due to their low-cost structure, and you don’t have to pay for expensive lines or separate mobile phones.

Experience the Next Generation of Voice Connectivity

Say goodbye to your landline and hello to better phone calls with Lumos Fiber Voice. Pairing ultra-fast, always reliable fiber internet with VoIP phone service ensures local and long-distance calls are always the highest quality. Plus, with 14 standard calling features, landline phones just can’t keep up.

Check for Lumos Fiber near you and experience the VoIP difference for yourself.