In today’s digital world, having reliable internet is crucial. Did you know your router plays a significant role in your home Wi-Fi network’s performance? When choosing between your own router and equipment provided by your internet company, it’s important to ensure you have what you need to support your online activities.

What is a Wi-Fi Router?

A router connects to your modem and creates a local area network (LAN) that connects your household devices, such as computers, smartphones, tablets, TVs and other smart devices to the internet. Its job is to translate data from the modem into Wi-Fi signals that broadcast wirelessly to your devices through antennas, eliminating the need for your device to be plugged directly into the router.

Using Your Own Wi-Fi Router with Lumos Fiber

If your existing router meets Wireless Standards IEEE 802.11ac or IEEE 802.11ax requirements, you can use it with Lumos Fiber. However, some third-party devices may limit your online experience. Here are some things to consider when choosing between your equipment and your provider’s.

Benefits of Using Your Own Router

Some internet providers lock users from changing the router’s network settings. With your own router, you have total control over customization options. You may even save money in the long term since you don’t have to pay to rent equipment from your provider each month. If your online activities require higher bandwidth, you can choose the best router for your specific needs.

Drawbacks of Using Your Own Router

Not all third-party routers are created equal. Different internet connection types require different wireless standards, and routers built for cable may not be compatible with fiber internet. If your network is interrupted, your provider may be unable to assist with third-party equipment. Much of the responsibility for troubleshooting and maintenance then falls on the user.

Get the Latest Generation of Internet with Lumos Total Home Wi-Fi

Lumos Total Home Wi-Fi uses equipment designed to deliver the best performance for your home network. With routers featuring Mesh Wi-Fi 6 and 6E technology, you get wall-to-wall coverage with strong, steady Wi-Fi that supports all your connected devices and eliminates dead zones. All multi-gig fiber internet plans for high-demand internet lifestyles include a router from Lumos for free. Best of all, it comes with free professional installation and total control with our Lumos Wi-Fi App, where you can set security and parental controls, guest networks and more.

Check for Lumos Fiber near you and experience home internet built for the future.