Choosing the perfect gifts for gamers may seem simple, but the ever-growing gaming world includes much more than the latest video game. From next-generation monitors to cutting-edge accessories, there’s the perfect present for today’s casual gamers and professional streamers. Check out our ultimate guide to tech gifts for gamers to level up your holiday gifting.

Gaming Peripherals

Gaming peripherals are add-ons and accessories designed to enhance the gaming experience. Mice, keyboards, headsets and controllers are all peripherals that help gamers look and play like a pro without needing a new computer or streaming equipment. With so many options, there’s a perfect accessory for any budget.

Gaming Mouse & Keyboard

In the world of gaming, precision and accuracy are crucial. A good gaming mouse can significantly enhance speed and accuracy for an edge over the competition. Gaming mice are designed to fit perfectly in your hand for maximum comfort and control. A wired mouse ensures the gaming experience is seamless—no more interruptions from a dead mouse in the middle of a match.

Sleek designs, customizable lighting and enhanced durability make keyboards built for gaming among the best tech gifts. When PC gaming, a high-performance gaming keyboard with configurable keys and fast switches is one of the best accessories that can help their game.

Gaming Headset with Surround Sound

A gaming headset with surround sound significantly enhances the audio to hear every detail, allowing gamers to hear things in ways they aren’t able to through built-in computer, console or TV speakers, such as subtle noises and in-game directional sounds. For multiplayer gaming, headsets make it easy to chat with friends and build a strategy in real-time to defeat the other team or final boss.

Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

While standard keyboards use a rubber dome and membrane, mechanical keyboards use individual mechanical switches for each key and are the top choice for gamers due to their faster response time. When two or more keys are pressed simultaneously, there is no delay like with standard keyboards. The switches on mechanical keyboards are also more tactile and produce a louder clicking sound when typing, which gamers find satisfying. While typically more expensive than traditional keyboards, their durability and enhanced performance provide the optimal experience gamers are looking for.

Customizable Gaming Controller

For console gamers, controllers are essential. Some are also compatible with PCs for those used to gaming on consoles. Wireless controllers offer greater freedom of movement, but wired controllers provide a more reliable connection and faster response time. Controllers with swappable thumbsticks, paddle buttons and programmable lighting provide gamers with a fully custom experience.

Gaming Monitors

A monitor is a crucial piece of a gamer’s setup. From high refresh rate monitors to high-fidelity 4K ultrawide screens, many great options are available for any budget.

High Refresh Rate Monitors

For the competitive gamer, speed matters more than anything else. Having a display that updates more frequently eliminates motion blur during gaming and video playback for a quicker response time. High refresh rate monitors run from 60Hz up to 360Hz and result in a smoother, more responsive gaming experience. However, they may require more powerful hardware to take full advantage of their capabilities. 

4K Gaming Monitors

4K gaming monitors increase the pixels on the display, letting gamers see extra detail and create more physical space on the monitor. The much higher resolution produces sharper image quality for crisp visuals and paints a more realistic picture while gaming. 4K monitors are more affordable today than ever. Still, for the best gaming experience, there are a few other features worth paying a little extra, such as adaptive sync technologies.

Gaming Laptops

Playing PC games doesn’t require a large desktop setup. With a gaming laptop, gamers are still able to play high-end games. A key advantage of laptops is portability, though they are limited in customization and component upgrade options compared to desktops.

Gaming Chairs

Gaming chairs are a great gift for people who spend long hours sitting in front of a screen. Sitting in just any old chair results in poor posture and risks repetitive strain injuries associated with prolonged computer use. Gaming chairs keep posture correct and address poor sitting habits. Having the right chair for gaming keeps the body happy and may lead to enhanced game performance.

Gaming Storage

Significant changes and rapid development of the gaming world have led to more data storage needed to download and play a game. Gaming storage comes in traditional hard disk drives (HDDs) or solid-state drives (SSDs). Cost-effective HDDs have a higher storage capacity but are slower due to their mechanical nature. SSDs are faster and more reliable but come at a higher price tag. The choice between the two depends on the gamer’s specific circumstances, and you may want to ask your gamer which they need for their particular gaming habits before purchasing storage as a gift.

Streaming Equipment

Creating gameplay video content has become more than a hobby in recent years. For some, it’s a way to make a living. To stream like a pro, technical equipment is a must. Microphones, headsets, cameras, lights and other tech accessories make for crystal-clear audio and video when going live and interacting with online friends and fans. 

Power Their Game With Uninterrupted Fiber Speeds

No matter what technology your gamer uses, they can only go as fast as their internet allows. Fiber internet is the only provider of equally fast upload and download speeds, so games are never interrupted by lagging, buffering or glitching. Plus, with whole-home coverage and unlimited bandwidth, all your household devices can connect simultaneously. 

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